The task of managing Enterprise information systems is becoming complex and important to corporate's day by day. Continuous change of the existing legacy systems to client server and web-enabled systems is forcing corporate's to devote a significant portion of their budgets and staff to day-to-day maintenance of these systems.ratCLOUD can help relieve companies of this IT Squeeze by providing dedicated teams of professionals who can provide end-to-end maintenance services to oversee day-to-day activities while optimizing application performance. 

ratCLOUD maintenance approach is proactive which result in quick identification and fixing of problems, preventing future problems and continue to improve the functionality of the application. While we shoulder your ongoing maintenance burden you can concentrate on more strategic business driven initiatives. You get a number of benefits with our maintenance services like Redeployment of existing staff to mission critical projects, Guaranteed service levels, Lower maintenance costs, Better trouble shooting, Reduced response time etc. 

Our Approach
We take up application maintenance in a two level approach. In the first level we take complete responsibility of your systems through a planned proactive approach, which results in minimal disruption to your ongoing business while we take care of your application. The second level involves corrective, preventive, Perfective and adaptive maintenance activities. 

Corrective Maintenance
This part is basically analyzing the reported errors and making necessary modifications in the application to correct them. We use our exclusive tools and methodologies to quickly resolve the problem. In the event of a problem needing more deeper insight, we will find a way to work around it to get your system back up and running quickly. 

Preventive Maintenance
Though corrective maintenance is the primary approach used,ratCLOUDhelps clients minimize it by getting to the root of recurring problems and fixing them. The result is reduced cost, higher performance and improved end user satisfaction. 

Perfective Maintenance
This phase is all about improving the quality of your application by way of design enhancements. Our experience in handling your application will enable us to suggest , recommend and implement necessary modifications to improve the functionality of the application. 

Adaptive Maintenance
Businesses are changing fast and this is driving companies to find better ways of doing business.ratCLOUD helps you to take the advantage of the change - whether it is market driven or technology driven by adapting your application to handle it.



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