Internet has completely revolutionized global economy in a staggering way. E-commerce is no more a buzzword it is a reality, billions of dollars worth of merchandise and services are transacted over the Internet annually. Internet has blurred geographies; professionals across different continents are able to collaborate on a single project. The distinction between virtual and real is steadily disappearing. Not tapping Internet’s immense potential is not just a bad business strategy but could be the difference between commercial success and ruin.

Getting into a web-based environment does not always require the replacement of existing legacy-based applications.ratCLOUD can help the SME segment get on to the net by providing cost effective solutions in making their existing legacy applications web compatible. Web-enabling these legacy applications results in easier and faster access from many locations. 

ratCLOUD offers three basic levels of web enabling depending upon the need all of which are fully customizable. 

Presentation Level
In this level except making the application web accessible the look and feel and the application remain totally unchanged. 

Functional Level
In this level the existing applications logic is used as it is but the information is presented through a new web accessible interface. 

Data Level 
In this level the programming logic and the interface of the existing application are changed keeping intact the data files of the application. 

Migrating to Web Applications
For large core applications where having a more streamlined application is the key concern , Web - Enabling may actually be of not much help. In such cases, the entire application need to be converted into a web based environment ensuring that the current business processes are not disrupted much. 

ratCLOUDhas the expertise to guide companies through the migration process with minimum disruption to the core functions. 

At ratCLOUD, we believe that responsiveness is the key to selecting an e-business partner. Our e-business consultants work closely with our industry experts in strong, cross-functional project teams that deliver creative and innovative e-business solutions for our clients in an extremely responsive manner.



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